Tips for Glazing a Wood Sash

As with most endeavors, there are many ways with which to go about re-glazing an existing wood sash with a new insulated glass unit. There are however, certain key factors to keep in mind in order to achieve the proper results.

  • There should be a 1/8″ gap (slightly less for small units) around all sides of the glass unit itself in order to accommodate any glass 0r frame expansion/contraction
  • The sealant used should not enter the gap around the unit, i.e. come into contact with the glass unit’s sealant. The sash sealant used must be compatible with Thermal Seal’s insulated glass unit sealants. We have test results for most of the sealants on the market and will gladly answer any questions about them.
  • The temptation to use putty for wood sash sealant must be avoided as putty from any supplier we’ve checked with is not recommended. Other alternatives for this type of application are a wood stop with a double-faced tape on the glass surface or an acceptable sealant.
  • Neoprene shims should be placed under vertical windows to prevent downward sliding

Should you have any questions regarding the re-glazing of wood sashes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.